What U.K. women need to know…

british HealthA British woman in her early 20’s was told recently by her doctors that the treatment to save her life from cancer will unfortunately rob her of having children in the future. She asked her doctor if their was a way to remove the eggs before the treatment and store them until after the successful completion of her treatment. She had read somewhere or heard from someone that such a thing was possible. Her doctor inquired into such a possibility but concluded that it was not possible. No such treatment was available. She was devastated. Even the warm comfort of her husband could not soothe the pain. What the doctor didn’t say to this young British woman is that Israel is at the forefront of IVF treatment and a strong proponent of the BDS of any research that comes from Israel.

What people don’t realize is that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement against Israel is a game of Russian roulette. IVF treatments was developed in Israel and exported to the world to give women a second chance at bringing life into the world. The real victims are U.K. women and the people who support the BDS.


Author: focusisraelblog

A platform to share my thoughts on ongoing events in Israel and the world at large.

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