Shiny Eyes

benjzanderI love YouTube!   Because I don’t have a TV, you miss out on a lot of conversation between friends about what was on the previous night. My wife saw this video and ended up sending it to all her friends. To date, it is the best video I’ve seen so far on YouTube.

Benjamin Zander is today a conductor in the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, teacher and widely sought after speaker. His fame came quickly as he demonstrated his dedication and perseverance in the world of classical music. But it took him several decades to realize that as a conductor he really doesn’t  do anything besides waving his hands. He plays no instrument. Just stands in front of the orchestra. The question he had to struggle with was what his true purpose was as conductor?

Once he was able to answer that question, this led him to become a world renown speaker on the true purpose of a leader. Leadership or conductor is about taking a wide range of people with different backgrounds, personalities, aspirations and cultures and harness there complete talents to achieve the impossible. The leader gets his power from making other people powerful.

No one should forget that leadership is about interaction between people in all situations. As Benjamin Zander points out each word we say between people can have a transcending effect.

Check out this truly amazing talk from a very special person. Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music



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