Betting on Dinosaurs

This is a follow up to a previous post, What U.K. Women Need to Know…

The student union of University College London, the UK capital’s largest higher-education institution voted to officially adopt the Boycott Divest and Sanctions (BDS) campaign 14-4 against Israel.

The question I have for potential students  around the world who are looking for a under graduate and graduate program with the goal of becoming a productive member of society is, Would you choose a university that has a Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Movement against Israel?

Its quite amazing how often Israel makes the front page of most newspapers, disproportionate to any other country around the world since 1948. It’s also amazing that the number of Nobel Prize winners, the number of R&D labs by Fortune 500 companies that invest in Israel is also disproportionate.

bds lucSomething is going on Israel. Each under graduate and graduate student needs to look carefully to try and understand why only Israel is being boycotted? Thomas Friedman in 2008 wrote an article ‘People vs. Dinosaurs’ where he wrote, “Question: What do America’s premier investor, Warren Buffett, and Iran’s toxic president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have in common? Answer: They’ve both made a bet about Israel’s future.”

The reason for Israel’s growing success is because it uses its greatest asset – people, men and women. Its not a perfect country but it is certainly civil. Unlike the rest of the Middle East and most of Asia where women are taken out of the equation altogether, Israel is willing to vote for a women Prime Minister and anyone else that will advance our country.

As Warren Buffett wrote last week in his shareholders letter for 2015, “Under CEO Mark Donegan, PCC has become the world’s premier supplier of aerospace components…  Mark’s accomplishments remind me of the magic regularly performed by Jacob Harpaz at IMC, our remarkable Israeli manufacturer of cutting tools. The two men transform very ordinary raw materials into extraordinary products that are used by major manufacturers worldwide. Each is the da Vinci of his craft.”

Think twice before you choose a university. You could be betting on dinosaurs and not your future!

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A platform to share my thoughts on ongoing events in Israel and the world at large.

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